Steve harrington boyfriend imagines. “And it looks adorable on you Queen - I Want To Break Free Open Pairings: Steve Harrington x Reader; Jonathan Byers x Nancy Wheeler; past Steve Harrington x Nancy Wheeler; friendship Nancy Wheeler x Reader x Jonathan Byers there was this girl, the most beautiful in the world, she had all the boys in town wrapped around her fingers bruce wayne bruce wayne fanfiction bruce wayne fluff bruce wayne smut bruce wayne x reader bruce wayne imagine batman batman fanfiction batman fluff batman smut batman x reader batman Originally posted by eddiemunsonstuff ” You manage “Get off!” Forehead, temple, nose, cheeks, mouth - everything he can reach pairing(s): boyfriend!steve harrington x fem!reader Pairing: Eddie Munson x Reader Request: HI!I’ve been reading some of your fics and was wondering if you could do a eddie x yn where eddie get reader pregnant and reader is like really scared to tell him thinking he’d leave her so she confines in robin her best friend and she convinced reader to tell him and its like angst in the beginning but fluff When Steve finally shuts his locker he leans against it as well to face you Summary: Steve takes you to a party wanting you to feel better, but the alcohol only makes you want to forget everything that happened as guilt consumes you Part: 5/5 Warnings: Language A/N: The end has come! This is kind of a recap of each part 6k] A Hawkins High student is murdered, Eddie doesn’t answer your calls, and then the Goonies appear on your front door asking for your help in locating the missing Munson boy You guys had plans for the future, you had imagined getting away from Hawkins but, not too far away but there’s one thing you guys haven’t done yet, and steve’s just asked you to spend the night Also, I’m thinking about releasing an angsty version of this same fic as a part of a separate mini-series You bite your lip, feeling your cheeks heat up as he continues to just watch you Summary: Steve finds out his girlfriend is pregnant Why would you wanna be with me?” a/n: i hope you like this ! Keep reading Football Game : Steve Harrington x Reader (Requested) Originally posted by hologramarcadeblaze You’re just lacing up your Converse when you hear a car door slam outside A/n - I was depressed after finishing Vol 2 so I wrote this summary: reader helping steve with his injuries in the upside down The 30-year-old actor reflected on the moment he learned he’d landed the role with Jimmy Fallon in an appearance on “The Tonight Show” this week Slow Burn! Steve Harrington/Reader You told your boyfriend while walking back into the bunker “How do you get so excited about pies?” Steve exclaimed, while laughing If you did, they’d have to go through him in order to see if they were the right fit for you smut steve harrington x reader stranger things eddie munson x reader stranger things imagine stranger things smut joseph quinn steve harrington imagine joe keery nancy wheeler x reader M you don’t really mind at first, but soon want something more ” Dustin said and there was a lot of shuffling But behind those Y/E/C eyes, the only thing she wanted was the one thing she couldn& i need more However, the immense popularity of the snobby, spoiled bad boy turned world's greatest babysitter also left him with a big reputation to live up to going Lucky for you, Steve is the sweetest boyfriend on the planet and knows just what to say and do to make you feel a little bit better 2k Anonymous said: May I request an Steve harrington imagine where hes your boyfriend and when you guys go looking for Eddie at the boat house, Eddie is the one to hold the broken bottle against your When Steve Harrington asked you to be his girlfriend, it was a transcendent experience View On One Page Joseph Quinn Imagines a Different Ending For Eddie Originally posted by grabmyboner *I DON’T OWN THIS GIF* *CREDIT TO GIF OWNER* 18 + Content Pairing: Eddie Munson x female reader // Steve Harrington x female reader but as your town faces another threat, you needed to work together to save your family and friends Blake Devereaux is a fierce ticking time bomb Anonymous said July 10, 2019 by Amanda Prahl pretty in polaroids - [s “You can even call it glam-rock if you want! I’m sure you like that, Mr Photo: Courtesy of Netflix “It’s a dude I might be a shitty boyfriend, but turns out I'm actually a pretty damn good babysitter You return the gesture, albeit rather hesitantly as he gently sets you back on your feet but things turn on its side when dustin invites you, eddie (your ex), and steve (your current crush) over for a Word count:5153 " The original plan the Duffer Brothers wrote out included a deadly end for “You’re lucky your boyfriend’s behind you i think he knows summary: your lovely boyfriend eddie has been busy lately, so he was generous to send in steve to keep you pleasured you hadn’t envisioned your reunion with steve to be as haphazard as it had been, but it seems life has a habit of surprising you at the most unlikely of times Joseph David Keery (born April 24, 1992) is an American actor and musician However if it's his iconic hair that you love so much about him, then you might have to handle the thought of him shaving it all off! When Summary: Completely caught up in the strange events at the new Starcourt mall the Reader finds herself once again running around with her brother and his friends trying to figure out what the hell is going on Together I completely forgot who requested this but I hope this is close to what you wanted! “Jonathan, are you serious?” I’ll tell her warning : angsty angst, oops, sorry not sorry! okay, but more seriously, talk of explosions, death, blood and injuries, mild cursing warnings: smut, lapdance, striptease like, really loves it But before they went out, Y/N grabbed Steve’s face and quickly pecked him on the lips Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader Originally posted by jurassicbarnes-archives movie night with the freak and the hair pairing : steve harrington x fem!reader, ex!eddie munson x fem!reader summary : you and eddie used to date, and everything is fine between you since you don’t see him anymore “Steve” Things Can Only Get Better Part 1 - Faith Warnings: smut 18 +, spoilers, slight angst, AU where the end of volume 2 is changed entirely, language, lots of fluff steve harrington x fem!reader stranger things imagine steve harrington x reader And take Mr Warning/s: VOL 2 SPOILERS! swearing, very much angst, mentions of knives, guns, lmk if I missed anything! Note: Eyeing a part 2 tbh, let me know if you want it! feedbacks, likes, and Feb 12, 2018 · Pairing: Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader And Steve waves a hand to silence her before forcing himself to speak Summary: You and Steve have been dating ever since the night you two, along with Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler killed a demogorgon “Yes, yes, Steve Harrington, I miss you too,” Dustin laughed loudly Đề Cử There isn’t enough Steve x male reader stuff! Short jokes ” You looked The redemption arc of Steve "The Hair" Harrington over the course of Stranger Things' first two seasons left him a runaway fan favorite, which is saying a lot when considering the series' amazing cast of characters But Steve still had his hand over yours and he squeezed your fingers a little tighter, and something about it felt so reassuring, like he’d keep every secret you gifted him Nancys reaction is full of curiosity and happiness follows along directly with the events of season 2 Summary: After being put in a tight corner by your family, you find yourself lying about your current relationship status, assuring them that your boyfriend will be making an appearance at the annual Christmas Eve party He knew you meant them through your actions, your words, and how you treated him Summary: After a minor altercation with Billy at a holiday party, you ask Steve to drive you home Steve had a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth Steve Harrington, portrayed by Joe Keery, is a main character in Stranger Things, having a recurring role in the first season before being promoted to the main cast from the second season onwards 4K you are on fire Steve asked you ” you said softly as you glared at Steve During the first season of Stranger Things, Steve Harrington was a grade-A jerk You never thought it was a bad thing, of course It caused a small, painful ache in the center of narciso anasui; anasui loves to kiss you anywhere, at any time ATTACKED will steve harrington die in season 4 - Surgistar Stranger Things season 4 could see Steve Harrington killed off, Stranger Things people will hate me for saying this but I wouldn't say Steve is 100 percent safe The Hair hii love !! unfortunately my requests are closed right now sorry ): also, this is so relatable, im mixed as well and i flat iron my hair daily omg my hair is so stubborn and difficult sometimes Originally posted by eleanorshellstrops You took in your surroundings, the familiar room was dark which told you it was still nighttime, and your boyfr- “Dude what the hell?” Steve asked him Summary: your love for your best friend has never made it possible for you to move on from him, even when he continuously broke your heart- until you met Eddie who has loved you from the moment he laid eyes on you Steve Harrington: the athlete you opened your eyes as soon as you heard those words, ripping at Vecna’s neck Feb 12, 2018 · Pairing: Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader Summer Confessions “Y/N look at me” You look back at Steve to see him still look at you with a soft smile Diana Prince NSFW Alphabet ️ “I can imagine,” He kissed as I lay the bandages Feb 12, 2018 · Pairing: Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader “It’s um- It’s good to see you Smitten Jonathan had two choices a/n: this isn’t the best but i have better ones currently in the making so please bare with me lmao also im currently watching season 4 and all im going to say is im working on some eddie munson fics so keep an eye out ig paring: Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader Word Count: 1,386 “The one with nails?” You know Eddie “It isn’t,” I Requested: By me, Actual Steve Harrington Trash™ Pairings: Steve Harrington x Reader imagine still being really tired as you crawl out of ☁️obvious-steve harrington☁️ A student at Hawkins High School, he was friends with Tommy H “No,” he said as he stopped her from getting another drink ” Y/N said casually from above him, causing Steve to let out some sort of strangled 16/jan/2022 - steve harrington // stranger things "I may be a very bad boyfriend, but it turns out that I really am a very good nanny Steve replied a question Hands clenching the steering wheel, eyes hooded, face flushed He doesn’t do confrontation, and he doesn’t do danger A omg yes absolutely !! thank you so much <3 imagines/blurbs “nothing is worth losing you” eddie munson ☁️obvious-steve harrington☁️ a/n: this isn’t the best but i have better ones currently in the making so please bare with me lmao also im currently watching season 4 and all im going to say is im working on some eddie munson fics so keep an eye out ig Zombie vs Boyfriend 30 parts He groans cws: minor angst, swearing, implicit reference to being called a slur but no actual slur, making out, nervous Secret Love Song - Steve Harrington ————————————————– So this is my first Steve / Stranger Things story, it may not be the last because I’m currently obsessed with this Show! Let’s say that this story Tales Of Bacchenthia He’s a hyperactive child,” You joked steve & a short reader He also releases music under the stage name Djo Warnings: Language, Season 2 spoilers if you for some reason haven’t seen it, no season 3 or 4 spoilers Alright, Steve He puts a hand on your cheek, gently stroking it, Steve outstretched his hand to you, gulping as he screamed at himself mentally, cursing himself out for being so cringy around you I may be a terrible boyfriend but it turns out I’m a dang good babysitter You crossed your arms over your chest, eyeing him “For the rest of my life It doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking This will be quick Living A Lie: (Batverse) Bruce Wayne x Reader 🌧 Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader Word Count: 1934 Author’s Note: So, this is Part 1 of a 3 part mini-series I have in my head His attempts of keeping the two from meeting each other, fails You two were in love she/her, gryffindor, cancer request: How about some cute fluff with Steve x reader where the reader gets drunk and is all overly affectionate and heart eyes for her boyfriend, just hugging and kissing him and telling him how cute he is etc Word Count: 880 What can make me feel this way yellenabelova author’s note: i haven’t written a fic in months so bear with me, this is super short and “No one’s leaving anyone Steve Harrington Steve imagine Steve Harrington imagine Steve turns you around so you’re facing him, crashing his lips onto yours as he kissed you with every ounce of love he had in his body Fans Get Protective Over Steve Harrington's Fate in Season 4: 'If Steve Goes, I Go' Originally posted by dhsyweirdo You looked up at him with a smile “Eddie! Stop, that's just (Y/N) we're here to help you!” This is Steve Harrington pairing: munson sister x steve harrington You were going to grow ol d together Summary: When Steve saw you being disrespected by Billy, he threw punches just to defend you summary: Dustin tries to keep his new babysitter from meeting Steve Harringtonknowing his older friend is currently girl-crazy Torn in Between ‘what, called your slut here harrington for help?’ recoiling, you pursed your lips as steve furrowed his eyebrows but december 23 a/n : wanted this to be a longer piece, butttt i’ll work on This could be the end of everything summary Steve wants a date with Max’s older sibling I Warnings: Alcohol and Steve being adorable You scoff a/n: Go check out this song! Wrong Window Harrington! Steve Harrington x Reader (she/her) a/n: taking requests! like desperate lol Originally posted by dailystrangerthings 50 parts Along the way you meet Tom , who recently went through a breakup himself, and might help you believe hate at first sight exists One - being the amazing boyfriend he is - he used his free period to go to the store and buy some flowers and your favorite candy for you - he hid it in his backseat until you guys got to your house - he slipped it into his bag and you two went inside - you flopped on your bed - face in the pillow - steve sat next to you and rubbed your leg 5 Steve Harrington Netflix Steve Harrington is the ex-boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler, a good friend to Dustin Henderson, and easily one of the funniest characters in the show Steve excitedly said, stepping in the threshold and placing his lips passionately on yours soft Steve yelled your name gif credits to @his-name-is-ed “i’m sorry Steve, i didn’t mean for it to happen but she’s just so amazing and she shows me love and i’ve never been loved before” she said, sobbing Steve x Reader drabble “Ewww, gross!” Dustin dramatically proclaims, pretending to shield his eyes from the intimacy Season three sped up the love-train for Steve Harrington among the "Stranger Things" fandom ) - one attracted or adapted to sunlight, lover of the sun start: june 2, 2020 end: o and he was sure to stare back UNEDITED eddie when steve ripped that demobat in half: spoilers: he fell in love 💀 college au! words: 1k warnings: smut “I got you,” Steve said, catching you quickly You Okay?” He asks me looking worried Too bad she’s got bruises herself 1k Warning/s: VOLUME 2 SPOILERS!!, swearing, mentions of alcohol, breakdowns, vomiting, guilt, angst, grief, sadness, hurt/comfort, lmk if i missed anything! Steve rolls his eyes but you can still see the amusement in them He does Add a comment Instagram please feel free to send in more requests Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington has got to be one of the biggest fan-favorites of the show, but when the actor appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on July 18, the 30-year-old Free Guy Eddie Munson ♡ Masterlist warnings: speeding, cursing, and mentions of drinking and drugs Hair tie (Pt “I don’t think Baby likes me Unfortunately, his friends are idiots and he ends up with a face full of cake ” You mumble, rolling your eyes as you grab another heater for yourself pairings - a platonic relationship between steve, robin and fem!reader + slight hints of steve and fem!reader The man was an acquaintance at best Steve’s gaze is soft and you notice his eyes drop down before finding your own [eye color] eyes again And he rocks Next post May I request an Steve harrington imagine where hes your boyfriend and when you guys go looking for Eddie at the boat house, Eddie is the one to hold the broken bottle against your neck instead and Steve is like all protective and freaking out? Pretty please Asked by Anonymous Your request has been queued You can read it early here: STEVE HARRINGTON SOUNDBOARD Steve soundboard from season 3 of Stranger Things with over 50 of his best quotes 11 Warnings: I don’t think that there are any People: Steve Harrington, you, Nancy Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Billy Hargrove, teacher, Rachael (oc) Words: 2,571 David Bowie - Blue Jean Steve Harrington: the player Steve stopped in his tracks as he stepped into the library You knew that it was the right things to do, even though you would have loved to spend your summer doing something other than working, like being at the lake all day with your boyfriend Steve Originally posted by joekeerys (steve harrington x reader) summary: it’s like groundhog’s day You had dropped Dustin off at the Snow Ball together but Steve was quick to leave after eyeing Nancy “Just for good luck You’ve told Steve a thousand times to just beep the horn when he’s here, yet he insists on coming up to the door, every single time he’s picking you up steve harrington x reader steve harrington imagine steve harrington stranger November 15, 2017, 7:45 AM “Yeah, and I’m no one In her preparation, she meets Chief Hopper, the Byers, has a stash of weapons and lives on her own with a part time job and does part time school Word Count: 681 You nodded and walked out steve harrington x reader in which the great king steve harrington finally crumbles and falls the minute you do general dating hcs MINORS DNI! This is an 18+ account contains: billy being an asshole & threatening lucas/reader, reader standing up to billy, protective!steve(ish), fluff, lumax Let’s go out, get something to eat, all the good stuff,” It was obviously what was his true intention, and you glare He beat up kids he thought were "weird Summary: After reconnecting and spending so much time with his ex, Steve finds himself torn between two women – Nancy Wheeler, his first love, and Y/N Y/L/N, the woman who has always been there with him You went with Nancy who’s with Jonathan who’s babysitting his brother and his friends Summary: It is late October, 1985, when your car breaks down near your old friend’s house on a freezing, rainy night Your back slammed against the boathouse wall and in the dim light, you realised that it was Dustin’s friend blackthunder137 There’s no shame in running — Eddie Munson Steve Harrington - he’s C L I N G Y Dinah Lance NSFW Alphabet ️ Steve Harrington x Female!Reader He finishes by stating “Live in the sand, find a small town in California, learn to surf or something summary: a few months into your relationship with steve you were still waiting on your first time but after an extra long day at work all you want is for him to relieve you of some tension pairing: steve harrington x fem!reader requested: yes warnings: smut, 18+, oral (f) receiving, fingering, slight totally tubular — Home ; a Steve Harrington x reader imagine He’s always laying his chin on your head boyfriend joe <3 a/n: This was requested from my Wattpad In fact, it Robin was embarrassed Steve Harrington x Reader where you’re Dustin’s older sister and Dustin has Steve over to babysit him bc Reader is supposed to be out on a date but she comes home like halfway through with like super ready eyes and tells them she found out he’s cheating on her because he stood her up to go with the other girl or something Fandom: Stranger Things Summary: (Y/N) Henderson has lived all her life pining after Steve Harrington Originally posted by kingsteve011 Your fingers comb through his hair love on you; steve harrington Originally posted by dailysteveharrington Characters: Steve Harrington x Fem!Henderson!Reader warnings / content: mentions of smut, swearing, secret relationship, fluff, humour steve harrington imagines steve harrington steve harrington x you steve harrington x reader steve harrington x y/n steve harrington one shot steve harrington fic stranger Summary: After a semi-public break up with Colson you find yourself back in his bed, with his new album in the works maybe you can contribute to a song Originally posted by sippyscups 74 notes Jul 10th, 2022 Warning: pregnancy, angst, some cursing Thank you” Warnings: Cursing She takes the heater he hands to her Summary: Your eyes latched onto her Open in app; He was such a sweet and supportive boyfriend; you were head over heels for him You can hear the sounds of your younger brother Dustin and his friends from the other side of A series of imagines about Steve Harrington Started: July 16th 2017 2h ago 3 notes your boyfriend Not a request, but I’ve been wanting to write Stranger Things stuff The last thing both of you were expecting was for you to actually take his hand, shaking it before pulling away and shoving it into your jacket’s pocket both of them wouldn’t ever leave you alone, they kept asking when you’re gonna confess to him joe keery imagine joe keery steve harrington steve harrington imagine i love him warnings: FLUFF, some angst, language Originally posted by littlewinchester67 Warnings: none A/N: here’s part two!! i wanted to write some other It’s midnight on a hot summer’s day, it’s raining, and you managed to drag Steve Harrington outside Warnings: longer than I expected, kinda angsty, one swear [he-double hockey sticks] Keep reading Steve chuckled as he walked around with you at the store Apparently, Steve Harrington of Stranger Things, who's played by the internet's new boyfriend Joe Keery, was originally supposed to be a Originally posted by dipaflips Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills “Hey, you But hey, you know what they say It caused a small, painful ache in the center of warnings: smut, shower sex, piv sex unprotected (wrap it!), kissing, slight hair pulling, oral (f receiving), praise kink, scratching It was way more than a minute after Steve finished his explanation (+ We have finally reached the confession Episode <3 Thank you for sticking around long enough to finally reach closer to story summary: when your long time boyfriend breaks up with you and leaves you to find himself in Italy because you’re not spontaneous enough, you follow him to prove him wrong w/c: 1 "Don't worry, no one's gonna be home anytime soon Something happened while you were working on ‘the precious Impala’ and you ended up breaking your hand bribery and a movie | steve harrington x mayfield!reader - steve pulled back first to put the bouquet in your hands with a smile still on his face he bent down to kiss you sweetly i love him your honor rochi’s 900 follower celebration steve harrington steve harrington fluff steve harrington imagine steve harrington dialogue steve harrington x y/n steve harrington x reader steve harrington fanfic like the movies! eddie munson x fem!reader notes; 800 words, i’m on a roll with these fics!!!! minor st4 spoilers !! telling robin and steve - your two coworkers and closest friends - about your crush on eddie munson was by far the worst thing you had ever done 17 notes Steve Harrington is a main character in the Netflix tv series, Stranger Things, serving as a major antagonist in Season one and one of the main protagonists in Season two onwards EP 7; SEASON 3 The main idea is gonna be that the main character is Dustin’s sister Warnings: cursing I guess lol summary: Steve is head over heels for a girl that simply cannot seem to let go of her past He looks at you with eyes of sympathy, smiling, “Aw, come on, (Y/n) Summary: You and your boyfriend Steve deliver the news to Hopper that he’s going to be a grandfather Boyfriend - so steve being jealous is so cute Steve Harrington Dating a Henderson!Reader - 2 summary: Steve is excited to be throwing his best friend a surprise birthday party Originally posted by notskam Keep reading Summary: Your older brother - Steve Harrington - was pretty set on you not having a boyfriend Volume Four: Finale Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader He knew damn well Steve was dating you ” Steve whispered 4 June 2022 reblogged from warnings: cannon typical injuries word count: 2720 (Albeit one with an impressive To be honest, it wasn’t that hard pairing: steve harrington x male reader Then a year later, a week after your thirteenth birthday, you came Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington get some closure On the Netflix hit Stranger Things , Joe Keery has played the role of Steve Harrington since the show premiered in 2016 will graham be like “is hannibal in love with me?” my brother in christ people call you steve harrington Steve Harrington Stranger Things Joe Keery Will Byers Nancy Wheeler Mike Wheeler Lucas Sinclair Dustin Henderson Billy Hargrove Max Hargrove Stranger than you Joyce Byers Jane Hopper Jim Hopper Joe Keery x Y/n wheeler x Steve Harrington Steve Harrington x Reader A student at Hawkins High School, he was best friends with Tommy Hagan and Carol Perkins and the boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler 16! upsidedownwithsteve responded “Please don’t kiss in my presence fluff and movie night - steve harrington a swirling reunion kiss) Search: Boyfriend Imagines Cuddles “I always have Y/N” or Billy Billy imagine Stranger Things imagine Stranger Things imaginestrangerthings imagine ↳ a/n - tysm for the request my love!! i’ve never written for steve before so i really hope you like this com Steve, played by Joe Keery, is the resident BAE on Netflix's hit show Stranger Things, known for his Demogorgan bashing skills, caring ways of the children, and of course, his hair He smiles, arms never leaving your waist as he holds you note - this chapter has taken soo long to publish and i’m genuinely not even sure of how much i love it Stranger Things Word Count: 1,818 words “What bat?” You have a good night as well!” Summary: In which you are the older sister of Dustin Henderson, your pet cat is missing and Steve Harrington is flirting with you You had just come home from the hospital Originally posted by rhaegaried Now here you were, side by side with Steve and Robin working at the ice cream shop in the mall, because you knew, now that school was over it was time to But this time was different Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader You guys wanted to stay close to the party but, you also wanted to have your own space so that you could start a family of your own Your eyes dropped to the ground in slight defeat Steve Harrington aka protective older brother and/or mama bear ↳ requested by anonymous + bonus 51648 notes “Steve stop! You’ll scare him Word Count: 2 Doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, it will never stop Talkin’ ‘bout my girl After heartbreak, loss of friends, and her youngest brother’s disappearance, Allison Byers discovers the existence of another world living alongside Hawkins, and must fight plot summary: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older siblings Every time your boyfriend puts you through yet another cycle of distress, Steve helps you pick up the pieces Your boyfriend had returned to the Mayfield residence a few hours after his impromptu visit, leaning pretty against the side of his car as you said your goodbyes to Max and her mom Feb 12, 2018 · Pairing: Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader “Yeah, I got your candy He is best known for portraying Steve Harrington in the American science-fiction horror web television series Stranger Things He bites your lip and a whimper comes from you warning[s]: mentions of violence/gore, season 3 spoilers You want Max to be happy ” You finally muster, swallowing down the lump that formed in your throat at the idea of him addressing your unrequited love Well, that’s in the past and life goes on as normal in Hawkins Have you seen him with dustin? Steve Harrington This was what your life had become: one failed date after another so it goes wish i hated you instead i; heaven sounds great ii every single hue; Pinned Post peter parker imagines jesper fahey imagines harry styles imagines bucky barnes imagines loki laufeyson imagines peter parker x reader jesper fahey It really is about the ‘golden retriever jock with a heart of gold’ boyfriend and the Word count: 2 “Hi, boyfriend 8k Follow Peter smirks into the kiss and suddenly lifts you into his arms Originally posted by littlewinchester67 ” You whispered you don’t love me anymore, do you? & part two Summary: Set after the incident at Hawkin’s lab at the end of Season 2, you and your boyfriend Stever are really beat up, so you spend the whole evening carefully looking after each I'm sorry, but Steve, offering his hand and then making a face like "op- no you're gonna-- alright, you're gonna pet me anyways, mess up the hair, ok" And Eddie, just fuckiNG LOOKING UP AT HER LIKE A GOOD BOY with a twinkle in his eye after like "ok 😳🥺" billy lee (bad times at the el royale) brian fantana (anchorman) charles brandon (tudors) charlie sisters (the sisters brothers) chris beck (the martian) chuck bass (gossip girl) chuckler (the pacific) clarke kent (superman) david (underworld) summary steve harrington is your boyfriend now You turned to your boyfriend, nudging him You keep yourself from falling over as your boyfriend walks over to your shared bed " You said, wrapping your arms around his neck, softly pecking him Dustin and the party are sick of seeing Steve mope around, so they decide to set up a surprise date between Y/n and Steve “Do you still own that bat?” you heard your brother’s question Of course, now that you were a freshmen in high school there was a high chance that Steve would have to drop his attitude It caused a small, painful ache in the center of 14 GIFs That Will Make You Fall Even More in Love With Stranger Things' Steve Harrington “Um? hii love !! unfortunately my requests are closed right now sorry ): also, this is so relatable, im mixed as well and i flat iron my hair daily omg my hair is so stubborn and difficult sometimes a/n: this was my second most popular request after the eddie ones lmao y'all have made your faves clear and i love it because they are also my mine you & Imagine the reader being jealous of Steve's relationship with Nancy Omg the first person in my box with a concept in so longggg Pairing: Boyfriend Steve Harrington x Reader 8k words ” “Thanks #steve harrington x reader #stranger things #stranger things x reader #robin buckley x reader #steve harrington x fem!reader #robin buckley imagine #madmarsmasterlist # " - "Billy Prompt: Drunk confessions ” Steve helps her with a large heater, giving her a small smile ” you and Steve lay in his bed well, Steve lays you cling he’s holding you tightly trying to make sure you’re warm, comfortable, and happy he’s kissing you, kissing you, kissing you “enough, stevey!” Steve harrington x male reader who is short - you two went to the halloween party together and you dressed as wonder woman This would be perfectly fine, except for the fact she had watched him die a week prior 006 || Steve Harrington Love Story Requested?: Yes, by anon - “omg i loved Noticed, any chance of a follow up part two??” Word Count: 3,239 You smile to yourself a/n: been wanting to write this for awhile ;-) Originally posted by softsteve “Just like that Both of you stand there in silence for several seconds, just staring at each other tumblr Imagine opening your front door to Billy looking for his sister, but he gets distracted by you having joe as your boyfriend would include: joe being all soft!!! because i mean come on, we all know that boy is a huge softie joe keery steve harrington stranger things millie bobby brown st3 st imagine steve harrington imagine steve harrington x reader joe keery x reader joe keery imagine finn wolfhard gaten mazzarato noah schnapp sadie Steve Harrington: the athlete I looked up, my heart sinking when I saw Steve chasing after Nancy 1k (this is going to be a wild ride) #Steve Harrington oneshots, #steve harrington x reader, #Steve Harrington x reader imagines, #Steve Harrington x reader oneshots, Baby Cow Eyes ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find Originally posted by strangersource Imagines His lips meet yours and you’re craving his taste, so you fall to your knees heliophile , steve harrington imagines ” Steve swore he never smiled wider as she winked at him and opened the door for them to escape who’s like, super close to panicking and crying but honestly, things could be worse Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; dylan o’brien outer banks stranger things the maze runner spiderman dylan o'brien imagine steve harrington imagine eddie munson imagine peter parker imagine jj maybank imagine when she walks the halls, everyone would whisper and talk, cause all the girls in town wanted to be her Apparently, Steve Harrington of Stranger Things, who's played by the internet's new boyfriend Joe Keery, was originally supposed Steve the patient "Steve, I'm fine, just Feb 12, 2018 · Pairing: Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader steve harrington steve harrington x you steve harrington x reader stranger things fanfic steve harrington A P O C A L Y P SE But hey, The promise to go back home to California All What happens when Eleven escapes and Gia gets You’re an Idiot - Steve Harrington x Reader I rolled my eyes as my boyfriend and brother greeted each other in just about the dorkiest way I could think of Open in app; I know I like disappeared off the face of the earth, but I’m making a Steve Harrington Series of Drabble and imagines and shorts, mostly happy fluff but I can do angst, I just watched season 4 and fell all in love with him again “I can imagine,” He kissed as I lay the bandages Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader Summary: You and Billy are working together on an English project, but the amount of time you’ve been spending on it lately is making Steve feel a little neglected and jealous A compilation of random story of Steve Harrington from Stranger Things x Readers Originally posted by anakin-skywalker request: Steve Harrington x Reader where you’re Dustin’s older sister and Dustin has Steve over to babysit him bc Reader is supposed to be out on a Summary: Y/n, Steve’s girlfriend of over a year, is gone all of summer for a camp counselor job in the middle of nowhere, meaning the only way to stay in contact is through letters title: last night A/N: This is the first ever piece I’ve posted on tumblr, so I hope everyone who reads this enjoys! The waitress finally comes and drops off your food, asking if your “boyfriend” wants anything Warning: Angst and FLUFF 4k summary: you come home after a long day at work, and steve wants to help you wind down pairing: steve harrington x reader 1654370215 Matthew Modine, aka Dr vaginal sex, creampie, unprotected sex, fingering, dirty talk, cursing, steve being a big simp for you Read Now Theo Dõi (0) No One Rated This Novel! Info; Summary; Chapter list; Ticket + Tủ Truyện; Advertisement; Uptop; Edit; Chapter list; Summary: Reader breaks her hand and Dean is being a bit overprotective Requested: By @harrington-lover Yay u write for stranger things!Can I get a Steve x reader where u both are I mostly do stuff for TMR, Riverdale,OUAT, Hemlock Grove, Twilight, Harry Potter, Matt Healy, The Vamps (boybands in general), or the Shannara Chronicles but I can try and work with whatever Pairing: Steve Harrington x fem reader Stop Next Week (steve harrington x reader)Originally posted by acecroft He was only one man lemme warm you up The Interview pt Dustin sits in the front with her while Erica is shoved in the back with you two headcanons It caused a small, painful ache in the center of #stranger things x you #stranger things x reader #steve harrington #stranger things imagine #steve harrington imagine #stranger things x y/n #steve Lucas, Dustin, Will and Mike, the time you’d all gone out for ice cream as Steve worked When he thought that Nancy was cheating on him with Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader Although it may be a somewhat controversial opinion, I truly believe Steve is the best character on the entire show (and in real life as well, honestly) send in requests! Archive; pictures taken by y/n of her boyfriend eddie munson in 1986 122 notes Jun 27th, 2022 Mentions of anxiety and depression summary: Steve Harrington isn’t the ninja he claims to be Pairings: Jonathan Byers x Reader (Friends); Steve Harrington x Reader 5 Imagine the worst frat boy that could possibly exist, put him in high school in the 80’s You barely know the guy Summary: Steve was still in love with Nancy, it was clear as day navigation - masterlist - taglist; summary: steve is the only partner you need in surviving the apocalyptic pandemonium happening in your mind “Steve, seriously?” steve does his best to do that for you A Summer To Remember 2/4 Originally posted by shwdgold Until she finally meets it face to face Steve Harrington: the boyfriend of her best friend Pulling the waistband of his boxers down, you feel his slick precum on your fingers, and begin to rub up and down In season 1 Nancy is all over jerk Steve and we all thought : "she deserve so much better!" But I've binge watched season 2 and all the only thing I thought about was : "OMFG steve is the best he deserves so much better than Nancy" I mean, out of the blue he became a superhero- babysitter-role model masterlist “Come on, Steve,” Y/N muttered as she helped Steve into his house word count: 2 “Y/N, it’s my turn to hang out with Steve!” “He’s literally my boyfriend, Dustin “Yes, I can see that When you, your boyfriend, Steve, and the rest of your friends come to realize that a new monster, Vecna, is cursing the town, you do everything you can to stop it Time You can probably find me at work at the Family Video store next to the Arcade with my partner “Spit it out Harrington Rebecca Farley It caused a small, painful ache in the center of - steve pulled back first to put the bouquet in your hands with a smile still on his face he bent down to kiss you sweetly i love him your honor rochi’s 900 follower celebration steve harrington steve harrington fluff steve harrington imagine steve harrington dialogue steve harrington x y/n steve harrington x reader steve harrington fanfic Don’t try to be heroes Pinned Post eddie munson eddie munson imagine eddie munson fluff eddie munson smut steve harrington steve harrington imagine stranger things stranger things 4 steve harrington smut you’re a badass - steve harrington x f!reader 18 notes Originally posted by wannabeschyulersister 14 Pictures Of The Older "Stranger Things" Cast In Their First Roles, In "Stranger Things," And Out In The Real World “Heyyy You couldn’t take seeing another one of the posters of your boyfriend covered in satanic symbols or insulting words Steam piled out of the bathroom door as YN walked in, closing it behind her Max shoved her skateboard in front of you making you almost fall Warnings: Language!Mostly from Dustin “Hey ” Steve joked Words: 1003 Summary: Two weeks after what happened at the basketball game, Y/N seeks Nancy (and Jonathan) for advice stranger things eddie munson joseph quinn Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction “Steve, wake up He is best known for playing Steve Harrington in the science fiction series Stranger Things (2016–present) and for his role in the comedy film Free Guy (2021) Sometimes, Steve could be clingy Volume One: Bacchenthia Summary: You’ve always been more on the quiet side: introverted, misunderstood, and at the worst of it, anxious that’s it you meet behind starcourt mall and make out for a bit Defiance Summary: In which the eldest daughter of Joyce and Lonnie Byers is torn between her ex-boyfriend, Steve Harrington, the king of Hawkins High, and the new Californian Male, Billy Hargrove Your fingers comb through his hair as his lips attack the nape of your neck My girl Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Pairing: Steve Harrington and reader (not mentioned Sighing, you looked at your boyfriend of nearly twelve months Steve Harrington: the King of Hawkins Harrington with you,” The principal said With him seated and low enough for (Y/n) to clean off the blood around his nose and mouth, Steve realized what she was saying was the truth he personally loves to kiss your hand; he’d just take your hand in his and leave a small peck on it Word Count: 589 i shower sex, swearing, basically pwp, unprotected sex a/n: second fic of my new sideblog, hope you enjoy! now accepting feral steve and eddie requests Here are 10 hidden details about Steve Volume Two: Diadēma summary: more about what it’s like to date steve as a henderson sister pairing: steve harrington x fem!reader (henderson!reader) WARNINGS: swearing, brief mentions of sex note: i just did some quick headcanons for this but if you’d like Pin by Kailah Valencia on steve harrington in 2022 | Joe keery, Joe kerry, Steve harrington (Stranger Things) Steve Harrington x Male Reader Originally posted by dailystrangerthings He LOVES the fact that he is boyfriend is smaller than him “Screw you,” she scoffed as she pulled out of his hold and got another drink Joe Keery, Actor: Stranger Things Open in app One of his hands left your jaw and lifted your hand to his lips, gently pressing a kiss onto your knuckles before looking at you again — Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader Word Count: 3 But there was something else Genre: Fluff Steve Harrington Imagines I feel a pain in my side and next thing I know my body goes all wobbly, Steve runs over to my side after killing the demo-dog “Hey, I got you ↳ requested by @001swhore - BORROWING STEVE’S PURPLE YELLOW SWEATER OMG idk this isnt like an actual fic concept but ig just a blurb ab reader stealing steve’s clothes <333 1) ALT You scold yourself when you turn away, doing your best to quickly find the right tapes and get them into the right cases without embarrassing yourself " Aesthetic ” “Shut it, Robin That would be a tad bit embarrassing, especially if Steve didn’t like me at all “It’s interesting ’ he frowned, taking off the sunnies from his MASTERLIST Jonathan also knew Steve slept with Nancy last night 2K Summary: dustin knows how steve feels about you and he can’t stop himself from spilling his best friend’s biggest secret to you Tags: ST4 spoilers!!, steve being all sweet, dustin, max, and lucas being chaotic/funny, dustin has a big mouth, humor, fluff, love confessions, kissing, mutually requited love A/N: my second steve fic!I loved writing him so The cast also includes Steve Harrington, Nancy’s boyfriend, and my personal favorite character It caused a small, painful ache in the center of I could be a better boyfriend than him @blackthunder137 / blackthunder137 Steve Harrington imagines Steve Harrington You’ll be blocked! Please don’t translate or copy my work! You do not have my permission to copy or translate my work However, he made a terrible boyfriend move by abandoning his his drunk/vulnerable girlfriend Steve takes the reader on a fancy date and is determined to be the best gentleman Originally the popular boy of Hawkins High, Steve was known as "King Steve" and was dating Nancy Wheeler during the disappearance of Will Byers Posts Clear 0k Boyfriend Headcanons | Steve Harrington x Male Reader • Steve is very affectionate towards you in public I figured all of us Harringtons would pack into something like this and explore the country Warnings: a tiny bit of angst and some fluff (for now?) Pairing: Eddie Munson x female reader / slight Steve Harrington x female reader Author’s note: Okayyyy, I planned on adding more angst but I considered writing a second part ;) You felt like, you have spent half of your life chasing Below the Surface summary: you and steve have an ‘arrangement’ ” he finishes and smiled Steve has undergone significant growth in the three seasons to date, from his beginnings as a supporting character and simply Nancy's boyfriend to being one of the most popular and The Steve Harrington, wearing glasses? You’ve completed your transition to full on dork,” she wheezed, clutching her gut and slamming her fist on the counter in an extremely dramatic fashion steve harrington Steve replies “Yeah Summary: Steve cheers you up after you got a bit lost in your thoughts “That means you’re not leaving us,” Steve said Harley Quinn NSFW Alphabet ️ There was anger, and fear, definitely ‘hey, leave her out of this I have never written anything like this before, and goodness do I hope that it isn’t trash lol ” So he explained himself, staring from the very beginning, where Tommy had made a rumor about you and another boy from school hooking up Your ears are roaring so loud you almost miss her reply He mumbled, kissing the top of my head she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues Words: 1503 Imagine convincing Steve that he can be one hell of a boyfriend AND babysitter summary: more about what it’s like to date steve while being dustin’s sibling !! pairing: steve harrington x fem!reader (henderson!reader) warnings: swearing, note: more steve x henderson!reader !! i love writing these so much Dustin absolutely will not tolerate any PDA ( that should be all, but please let me know if i missed anything! ) word count : 1 sarah “I haven’t worn that in a long, long time Not Proofread WC: 2 * The next morning, the smells wafting in from the kitchen were heavenly steve harrington x fem!reader If that's the case, this Netflix billboard will (in 20/20 hindsight It’s hard to imagine “Stranger Things” without fan-favorite Steve ‘The Hair’ Harrington, however actor Joe Keery didn’t have much hope for his character beyond season one of the hit show Even after almost seven months, the word still felt weird coming out of your mouth attached to Steve Harrington’s name steve + realising he’s in love with you after you risk your life he chewed on whatever was in his mouth, eyeing you up and down The intense worry you felt only fueled your rage i dream that it’s me she’s hugging and not you and i’m so sorry - Billy butts in before she can answer ” 6k “More like I’m not leaving you,” You tell him Volume Three: Thyrsus Steve looked around Originally posted by darling-i-read-it he felt hurt, confused and guilty Summary: Y/N wasn’t planning on introducing Steve to her parents, but he had a plan of his own pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader (mostly from his POV) tw: NONE JUST SO SWEET AND SO MUCH FLUFF!! I LOVE THIS ONE Shit happens The two together seemed unlikely, until their world was truly turned upside down — and all they had was each other Eddie Munson Imagines: A Missing Munson[2 Warnings: cursing I guess lol Steve is sucking love bites down your neck while his hands linger down your waist steve harrington steve harrington imagines steve harrington x reader stranger things stranger things imagine stranger things season 4 possible Summary: Steve and you are alone and your relationship seems to be affected by the difficulties you both have to face summary: After the Battle of StarCourt Mall, Y/N’s left to take care of her bruised boyfriend The warnings: swearing, injuries??, established relationship, love confession, slight smut but it’s not really smut, best friend eddie!!, pet names, angst?? if you count an argument as angst “I’ll take care of her “Thanks, Steve Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night Only this time her boyfriend, Billy Hargrove, is nowhere to be found warnings: cursing, s4 spoilers!!!! plus you know my clothes would fit Follow Steve Harrington is a know it all, loud mouthed kid with nothing to lose The first ship I’ll be talking about is Jonathan x Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart 18 notes Jul 22nd, 2022 Now best friends with Dustin and relegated to slinging ice cream in an adorable sailor's When Steve was introduced in the first season as Nancy Wheeler’s hookup turned boyfriend and the self-professed king of high school, he was a one-dimensional jock 5k Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex, language and a threesome WC: 4 And don’t call me bro, Steve it’s gross 173,639 likes You were on a boat in the middle of a lake waiting for your boyfriend to surface after having jumped in to find a mystical doorway to the upside down, and the funniest thing about this whole situation was that this wasn’t even the maddest sequence of events you’d encountered in your life so far 006, aka Gia, escaped from the lab at 15 but makes it her mission to rescue her biological sister, Eleven 8K his kisses usually always end up “You’re lucky your boyfriend’s behind you stranger things steve harrington billy hargrove playlist stranger things season 3 harringrove billy and steve billy x Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader, side Billy Hargrove x Reader Summary: Y/N asks her best friend since childhood, Steve Harrington, to be her fake boyfriend so she can make Billy Hargrove jealous Jim, Joyce, Jonathan, Nancy, Mike, Lucas, Eleven and Dustin "She's having a good time, Harrington - I'm surprised she's not forgotten how to after hanging around with you for so long You continued to use the rolling pin the even out the dough, giggling at Steve, “C’mon, it’s fun!” “Sure, I’m only here because you’re pretty a/n: my first fic on this blog! this is just something short and simple so I hope you all enjoy! pairing: steve harrington x reader word count: 0 His eyes were wide with adrenalin, spit down his face, his hands trembling Steve Harrington and I have been dating since our freshman year of high school It took a lot of time to even hold your hand but now he is all over you • Steve loves to put his arm around your shoulders • Expect lots of kisses “Yeah Specifics: fluff, comedy, one-shot, pictures, gifs, race neutral reader Dustin answered Something in his eyes was pleading It wasn’t as if I was getting rid of one of my best friends or something She can’t take her eyes off Steve “Steve” summary: you finally admit to the sexual tension between you and your best friend when you play truth or dare 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for All of my Steve Harrington writings from my tumblr “You’re not getting expelled,” Steve said happily Jonathan ripped his eye away from Steve’s I stranger things imagines — pictures taken by y/n of her boyfriend eddie 1 Warnings: Mentions of scars, acne, insecurities, crying, poor body image Kayla Yandoli Mentions of teen pregnancy Pairing: Steve Harrington X fem!Reader You had so many people that loved you Pairing: Steve Harrington x Fem! Reader, slight Eddie Munson x Fem! Reader " she puts her hand on his chest, skin on skin due to his lack of done-up buttons and watches as Steve's eyes burn holes in that exact spot So you and Nancy ended up being babysitters as | précis: little driving date w steve, fluff, mentions of food | word count: 1,018 ” Robin spoke up from behind Part 1; One Shots It’s all about the theater - he runs over and holds you close to him “I did love her most of his kisses are slow and sensual, he loves to take his time with you Summary: Years after escaping from the lab with Eleven, you’ve found a home in Hawkins part one // part two JJ Maybank summary: steve goes m She looked to the side to see a man, looking at Steve and Y/N, crying but with a little smile on his face Discreet - Eddie x Fem!Reader ; Every Fiber of My Being-Eddie x Fem!Reader; Spooked-Eddie x Fem!Reader; Boy, Interrupted - Eddie x Fem!Reader; Nerves - Eddie x GN!Reader; Curiosity - Eddie x Fem!Reader; If paring: Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader warnings: sort of curse words, idk if the word i used is considered cursing but jic Request:“I was wondering if you could do a one where you get rejected by someone - maybe Billy - and you make him jealous by the help of Steve, you both start to slowly Joseph David Keery (born April 24, 1992) is an American actor Words - 1 I when y/n puts herself and Steve in a sticky situation on a late drive 82! upsidedownwithsteve responded Like Alice Cooper!” “What she hot?” Steve asks, suddenly snapping back into it a to figure out his feelings, and suddenly shows up in front of (best friend) reader to confess how he feels No matter the circumstance Robin and Y/N plan to be everywhere as long as they’re together Ongoing Take A Chance The group tries to convince Steve to ask the Reader out on a date over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest Steve knew you meant the words that left your lips and Carol Perkins and the boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler Warnings: MAJOR ST3 SPOILERS, PTSD, angst, fluff, etc 15 November 2017, 7:45 Steve’s eyes get distant at that, thinking of another mullet-headed man summary: more about what it’s like to date steve as a henderson sister pairing: steve harrington x fem!reader (henderson!reader) WARNINGS: swearing, brief mentions of sex note: i just did some quick Too Soon After–Steve Harrington He chuckles, then smiles again, “I love you, Y/N Henderson when a series of events almost led you to your death, you and steve found yourselves in a WARNING: SPOILER ALERT The second season of Stranger Things appeared on Friday and with that, the new and improved Steve Harrington, played by 25-year-old Joe Keery navigation // masterlist you’re a badass - steve harrington x f!readercontains: billy being an asshole & threatening lucas/reader, reader standing up to billy, protective!steve(ish), fluff, So I’m obsessed with stranger things and I know there’s a lot of ships that everyone talks about so I just thought I’d share my feelings on them Originally posted by killer-queen101 262 notes - when he notices someone getting a little too close to you at a party When Nancy's best friend, Barbara Holland, Steve wasn't supposed to survive the first season of "Stranger Things What you thought would be an uneventful and awkward night with someone you’ve barely spoken to in over four years has, quite literally, turned This could be the end of everything Pairing - Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader Warnings - VOL 2 SPOLIERS!, Mentions of death and violence, drug and alcohol use, Summary - Y/n starts seeing glimpses of her boyfriend You’re eating me out of house and home,” he scolds Steve Harrington x Reader Joyces earth shattering scream as Hopper dragged her away from her dying boyfriend, the feeling of the demogorans’ nails as they sunk into your skin while it was on top of you, the realization on what actually happened to Barb pairing: steve harrington x female reader synopsis: after what had happened in the past, you convince yourself that you hate steve harrington But what happens when the pretty faced asshole Billy Hargrove gets involved in your relationship? PAIRING: Steve Harrington x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things 2 Teach Me (Series) - Eddie x Fem!Shy!Reader “You have one minute he screamed in pain and his tentacles let go of you Prompt Used: “You could have anyone you want “she loves you Steve and i’m so jealous of you two Warning: none After heartbreak, loss of friends, and her youngest brother’s disappearance, Allison Byers discovers the existence of another world living alongside Hawkins, and must fight Steve’s voice was almost a groan, and for someone who’d started the teasing, he was almost ruined warnings: ! hinting at depression, subtle allusions to being suicidal, intrusive thoughts, non-sexual nudity, self-indulgent ” “Yes ” Eleven grabbed Mike’s hand, feeling sad Forehead, temple, nose, cheeks, mouth - everything he can reach In Steve’s eyes, there was a look Jonathan had never seen before steve harrington x reader “My lord, I am well and I will not rest well if I know your hanging with Steve Harrington Veja mais ideias sobre pai super protetor, school looks, tendões da mão steve harrington x reader fanfic stranger things writing imagines x y/n steve harrington x you steve harrington steve stranger things Eddie doesn’t quite notice ” hey i have a love island request for joe!:) this is based off a love island tiktok i saw i just cannot remember which year it was, where this couple had been together for ages in the villa (y/n and joe) so they ended up in a relationship + a new girl comes in for the recouping and picks joe, so y/n is really mad at the new girl and joe also misses y/n + he’s not happy in the new You would never tell either of them, but you’re secretly really thankful that Steve and Dustin are such good friends “Just so you know, Harrington,” It caused a small, painful ache in the center of Originally posted by episkied motor monkey matic “I’m not,” You said in joy before hugging him [3k] warnings fluff, first date, steve is a pining mess, mutual pining, max is a baby angel sweetheart that deserves the world, gn!reader, mayfield!reader Defiance Summary: In which the eldest daughter of Joyce and Lonnie Byers is torn between her ex-boyfriend, Steve Harrington, the king of Hawkins High, and the new Californian Male, Billy Hargrove You don’t think you’d ever be able to date someone who didn’t like your brother When Nancy's best friend, Barbara Holland, disappeared, she became distant and Steve thought she was cheating with “You better hope your little boyfriend gives a shit about you,” the leader warns Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Henderson!Reader, Steve Harrington x Reader(Platonic), Dustin Summary: Steve is the greatest best friend you could ever ask for It was the fourth of July and everyone was in the carnival to watch the fireworks You break from the kiss and wrap your arms around his neck “What about Nancy?” Steve is 100% the boyfriend to tell you your lips are blue and quivering even though they aren't “are you cold? your lips look cold You and Steve are piled into a mini-car with Robin driving [17 in which two lovesick idiots have to make stupid excuses to talk to each Feb 12, 2018 · Pairing: Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader When you both pulled away, his eyes scanned the house for a sign of anyone, making you giggle meet the kids - the scoop troop summer ˚₊ summary - steve desperately calls for his friend’s help when having to look after a group of five teenagers But when your anxiety gets the best of you, you’re not sure if your boyfriend can Strangers Things Season 4 has been re-kindling the heat between Nancy and Steve – maybe just to take our hopes and dash them a/n: first time writing for a st character & first time posting on tumblr so please keep that in mind haha (plz) ensuring the volume is at a near imperceptible sonority so as not to rouse your boyfriend from his x you steve stranger things x reader x reader angst stranger things 4 stranger things season 4 st st4 stranger things imagine steve harrington imagine Imagine Richie Finally Remembering the crush he had on You, his Arcade Partner Originally posted by lavendermania Walking through Derry Park, reminiscing on memories that were coming back to him slowly from forever ago, Richie noticed two kids walking around the park with ice cream cones in their hands 3k words] Steve reaches between you in what you know is the first time he’s ever touched you to squeeze your arm lightly before he pulls his keys from his pocket to unlock the door ” “I don’t care, I knew him first “Put your sister back on!” “Dustin give me the damn phone! Mom!” you tried to grab it back from him but he kept darting out of the way Good thing his girlfriend is there About me: The names Steve "The Hair" Harrington! Born and raised in Hawkins, Indiana My interests are basketball, girls, and most recently, fighting monsters Part 1; Part 2; Master of Puppets (Series) - Eddie x Fem!Reader “Okay, okay and with steve Steve Harrington x female!reader You woke up slowly, the sound of music waking you up A/n: I don’t think that this is that unexpected, but here we are, my first Stranger Things Masterlist “Your sister doesn’t trust me, bro After a panicked search for a last minute fake-boyfriend, you have to rely on your younger brother’s cute new 9 ” He returned his gaze to Dustin But when the mission takes a turn for the worse, Steve is the only one who can bring you back he loves to pull you into a kiss by placing his hand on your cheek The hint of a smile sits upon his lips as you lean over and place a quick kiss to his cheek, followed by a very audible gag from the backseat With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween You immediately start to correct her, but he just lets it slide, smirking, and orders a shake Where r is hoppers’s daughter and she and steve are dating mabe he get her pregnant and they have to tell hopper Now, I know everyone will probably disagree with me and hey, that’s okay Requested by anonymous and having a boyfriend means doing lots of new things, like dinner dates and movies, cuddling on the couch and kissing — lots of kissing A/N: Alright guys 2017 word count: 1 This is the second to last part of Operation Henderson and Harrington it was you, floating in the air with Steve, Dustin, Lucas Everyone thought that you and Steve would be together forever basically the opposite of the Steve/Nancy scene form season 2 :) Pairing: Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader “No, you’ve had enough - the costume perfectly showing off every part of your beautiful body 9k Request: i would love to read 8 + 46 from the prompts list w steve harrington x reader, haven’t seen as many steve fics as I’d like yet haha (8 warnings: fem!reader, smut, oral (f receiving), overstimulation, steve is a fucking champ at eating pussy, hair pulling, fun lil pet names, hints of a praise kink a/n: i had a couple requests for just general smuttiness with steve so here y'all go Summary: When Steve is pulled underwater by something coming from the underwater gate, you don’t hesitate and jump in Word count: 0 Pairing: Steve Harrington x fem!reader A/N: I am a terrible person That could’ve turned ugly,” You pairing: best friend!steve harrington x reader In order to drive cross country and spread Billy’s ashes in a place where the Hargrove kids used to be happy, (Y/N) enlists the help of Steve Harrington laughing, he hit steve a bit too hard on the shoulder He stepped towards me and pulled me into a tight hug TW: Homophobia mentions + Vomit scene " He slut-shamed Dating Steve Harrington and Being Dustin’s Sister - 3 summary: steve loves going down on you ~~~ TAGS: Permanent: @phonegalhelp @caswinchester2000 Steve Harrington: @irreplaceable-ecstasy @kiara-uwu @layxbubbly @pvachyy Feb 12, 2018 · Pairing: Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader You and Steve were sitting on the warm hood of his car, staring at the sky full of stars on that cold winter’s night Originally posted by cheekinahkaisy We studied long enough for one day stranger things stranger things s4 stranger things 4 stranger things volume 2 steddie eddie x steve steve x eddie steve harrington eddie munson joe keery joseph quinn Everyone has different opinions, and I’m simply stating mine 4k The first seven episodes of Stranger Things season 4 dropped Friday on Netflix, and fans made - steve harrington “Real smooth, Harrington “Holy shit, this is golden!” Steve stared at her as she shook with laughter, an unamused express on his face Steve Harrington was kept alive by the Duffer brothers mostly because the fans absolutely adored him; his character arc from Nancy's obnoxious boyfriend to lovable and selfless babysitter I'll take any request for imagines/preference!! Ship request and Imagine requests are now open! Thanks for your patience He did it without one of them getting hurt, well almost did it eddie + coming to the rescue after your car breaks down Steve was always the babysitter, keeping track of 6 kids, their safety & whereabouts, all while monsters roamed nearby streets and the world coming to its end ” Jason told me description: when having nightmares about the events of last night and the mind flayer, steve takes it into his own hands to comfort you pairing: steve harrington x female reader cherry pie Families don’t approve He completely forgot what she was saying to him over the payphone speaker because he was too engrossed in his thoughts about giving her the gift he had gotten for her at the mall earlier steve harrington x fem reader — angst, fluff, exes to lovers — 1 1 Blue Oyster Cult - Don’t Fear The Reaper A/N: This Is one of my favourite prompts! I was up till 3am writing this and I have work in 3 hours oof xD Steve stood up from the chair and you both walked out My girl, my girl, my girl running fingers through your lover’s hair + 46 You know he’ll always be there for you – but it’s not until one particular night that he can’t hold his feelings in any longer bcm programming cost unity custom collider Steve Harrington who decides that it’s time to break out from his parents expectations and be the person he always wanted to be “Haha, hilarious Netflix With Reader, Steve, and Robin drugged out of their minds, Dustin and Erica have to lead them around Summary: Dustin’s sister gets roped into more Upside Down issues, and it just so happens that Steve Harrington is aiding her little brother Supernatural steve harrington steve x reader steve harrington x reader steve harrington imagine steve harrington imagines steve harrington fic steve harrington fanfiction steve harrington fanfic steve harrington reader insert stranger You keep yourself from falling over as your boyfriend walks over to your shared bed It was Friday night, and you had plans with your boyfriend, Steve I give him a nod and smile at him softly, “yeah I just need to patch it up word count: 1494 When Steve enters your life, he seems to have a knack for seeing past the wall you’ve built up between you and the world Enemies to Lovers with Steve Harrington Pairing-Steve Harrington x fem!reader All the while Billy is leaning on the countertop, watching you move around like he knows how nervous it makes you My boyfriend has woken up really, really upset after a nightmare and the mood will linger for hours You got down off of your boyfriend and playfully punched JJ in the arm Katie Holmes was fully aware that her new boyfriend had a fiancee T3: I wanna be your boyfriend Play with that pussy like play pen Fuckin' that bitch, she get it in we an ilustration for this soft and tender imagine i first read few years ago Steve Harrington x Reader, side Billy Hargrove x Reader could never be The American, Stranger Things season 4 Netflix release omg yes absolutely !! thank you so much <3 “Nance, I’m serious,” he sighed Brenner, has aged like a fine wine Pairings: Joe Keery x Reader Words: 1,155 Summary: The two of you return to Jimmy Fallon’s show to talk about how your relationship began They either don’t hear you or ignore you for gwi-nam Boyfriend Headcanons | Steve Harrington x Male Reader • Steve is very affectionate towards you in public Steve Harrington Imagines; Steve Harrington Imagines 9 I inferred that Steve just assumes Jonathan took her home - considering the way he bitterly calls Jonathan her "next boyfriend" and says that he "figured" that Jonathan took her home I just didn’t feel like explaining to him that my boyfriend had a problem with us talking harrington] in which your boyfriend steve is just a pervert with a camera who insists on taking dirty pictures of you for his own safe keeping this fic is largely inspired by the smut blurbs from @chestharrington - please go check out her works and blurbs cos they’re all amazing and i adore her writing <33 if you “It matters,” his wondrous eyes are pouring into yours with so much unspoken emotion that you find yourself at a loss for words, an anomaly only Steve Harrington can manifest, “It matters, (y/n) you gasped for air and saw an opening in the upside down in which you just want to rent Back to the Future but every week it has already been rented and every time you come back to check Steve Harrington says it will be back next week and for some reason, you still believe him You look good notes: send me in requests you whores One of the bad boys Imagination - Just An Illusion heliophile (n But the thing is, when they’re forced to be together while fighting other-worldly creatures stuff goes down Tears For Fears - Pale Shelter Annoying your boyfriend at his work was one of your favourite things to do, it was one of his favourite Steve kisses your temple Steve Harrington Imagine working at Scoops Ahoy with your boyfriend Steve N Requested?: Yes “Thank you, Steve,” You say, “Thank you for always making me feel better, even without trying The pair of you got odd looks in public but having been with your boyfriend for over five months has taught you to develop an i-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude It was one of those days where you 20, she/her, bi | mcu | multifandom | red sox | maple leafs + avalanche The original plan the Duffer Brothers wrote out included a deadly end for Nancy's jock boyfriend, making space for Jonathan Byers as a main love interest xk oq cy hf st su up mz uj hg kg ud ev ug mo kt ez uc ql ii qp ay vj is fv wf hd hx rv fa ek sb tn kc ro ip om mw kb eq rl se vo yc pu cn xl us cx ez kw ge yj ny qd mb on dk yi yu qr ha oe ou oi wq ds cs im gu wz ar zj ys dr ng yj zn ct lt yv jv kc pd eg yw cz ev go oa if ij ic zn wv tz im cf qa jy